Peach And Mango Sorbet

When you are an innocent kid, you may commit mistakes that seem so foolish once you get to know the harsh realities of this world. I once did something too. Something very bad. I still feel the excruciating guilt whenever I think about it.

I bought a very expensive tiny scoop of sorbet over a Grande latte of Starbucks one.

And today, as I ate the big scoop of homemade sorbet, I internally weep at its beauty and my naivety.


Sorbet is such a fancy word and sounds so sophisticated. Like something you expect in high end gourmet restaurants.  It hasn’t taken Kanpur up by a storm yet as ice cream rolls recently have. A year late. *Sigh* #SmallTownFoodIssues

In every Australian and American master chef, the contestants scoop it with such ease like a side dish that honestly, it makes me feel incompetent. But then, I did my little research. And found out the greatest lie of the cooking universe. Making beautiful sorbet is so easy that anyone and everyone can make it.

I am not even exaggerating.

It’s not only super easy but also so delicious and does wonders to your instagram feed.
So I tried my first sorbet today and I can assure you, it won’t be the last one cause now I will serve it like it’s nothing for me and let people look at me with raw admiration.
I tried a peach and mango sorbet but you can make it of only mango or only peach or even fruits like strawberry and melon!
Mango- 3 servings
Peaches-3 servings
Honey or Sweetened condensed milk- ¼ cup


Take your fruits.Peel and chop them into cubes.


I have this easy trick to chop mangoes where you don’t need to peel them. I have a tough time peeling them cause I often skin it too. So slice one side of it then on the flesh side of it, put your criss crosses. Then pull the peel backwards, making the mango arch like in the image. Take a spoon and spoon it clean.


You need to freeze the fruit overnight. Yeah, it’s a real pain but I loved how the frozen fruits looked. All non-mushy and cool.

P.S: This is how they looked before freezing. Sorry for the mess. Or maybe not.


Take your frozen fruits in a blender.


Add condensed milk or honey in it. The most important thing here is to make sure your sugar is in liquid form. So both the options works great. The condense milk makes the sorbet more creamy in texture and the honey makes the color pop so you can use both too!

The most important thing to remember here is taste your fruit. Sometimes the fruit can be too sweet or too tangy. So you have to adjust the sweetness according to it.

My peaches were very tangy but I had my fast, so I hadn’t tasted them before blending it. So I had topped it with condense milk when I was serving it. Honestly, go with your gut. I know we are taught to not go with it but trust me, go with your gut. It’s the place where the food will eventually go.

Blend it to a smooth puree. Pour it into your deep dish and smooth out the surface nicely.

If you don’t have a spatula, I strongly recommend you buy one with a rubber end because it makes working with desserts very easy and mom got it for me to reduce the wastage from the sides. And if you love mixing and twirling your ingredients with your hand like I do, it’s a must need.

Freeze it for two to three hours then serve it as an independent strong sorbet it is (you go girl) or pair it up with something equally easy and bring master chef sophistication to your plate.


A little tip again. Dip your spoon or scooper in water when you scoop it out so that you get a really smooth ball of love without facing much trouble.

Personally, I loved the texture and your mom will definitely approve it because it is fresh in season fruits with honey and is the most amazing substitute for ice cream! No kidding. My papa loved it and he doesn’t eat fruits at all. My mom even wants to keep it as the main dessert for Eid this year which I am strongly trying to push because everyone loves chocolate, me need chocolate.

So try the recipe out! Trust me, it will be such a hit at your home that you will keep crawling back to it.



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