Twisted Curly Fries

Does there exist a lower mortal who doesn’t love fries?  It’s simply potato fried to perfection. One of my best friends; the only thing she eats in a restaurant is fries and that my friends is the real devotion to this potato God.

Today, we are going to cook the strongest DemiGod of potatoes.

Twisted Curly Fries. It’s simple. It’s funky. It’s deliciousIMG_20170402_191650

And honestly, I like to consider myself a very open minded person who likes to encourage love in all shapes and sizes. The first time I made these twisted fries was without telling my mom, she thought I was doing something in the kitchen and so she let me be as I whipped these up. The recipe was so simple that I almost doubted it will turn out so good. Almost like those you tube make up tutorials which look so sleek and easy until you end up looking like your three year sister did you make up when you don’t even have a sister!



The shape is so unique and it looks so delicious yet so complicated that people can’t help but surrender to it’s raw beauty. It is crispy and smooth on the outside and fluffy in the inside, you can taste the potato and revel in the crispiness of it all.

My mother was so pleasantly surprised when I served her these; it was one of those times when I could see it in her eyes the acceptance that sometimes I can cook.

Just imagine having a bowl full of these crispy fries and that proud look; doesn’t the world seem a better place already?


  • Potato – 4 medium sized/ 500 gms
  • Egg- 1
  • Milk- 2 Tbsp.
  • Cornflour-  2 Tbsp.
  • Salt-Per taste
  • Pepper- 2 tsp.
  • Chilli Powder- 2 tsp.



Boil your potatoes so that they are a soft mush. Peel them off and mash them. It would be better if you get into a fight with a close friend or family so you can take out your anger in a healthy outlet. I know. Brilliant. *Monica’s tone*



Tip: I transferred my mashed potatoes into a blender so that the process is quick and hassle free, but you can mix it up with your hand too.

P.S: Use the bloody blender.


Crack open an egg in it.


Add milk.


Add the cornflour. Blend it for 30 seconds.


Add salt, pepper and chilli powder. You can skip adding the chilli powder now if you want to and just top it after it is cooked.


Blend it up real good into a smooth thick mixture. Don’t add too much milk. You can add a little more if it seems too thick to you, but honestly, keep the batter a little thick in consistency.


Take a tall glass and set your piping back. If you don’t have a piping bag, you can make one with a polythene. Home Made Piping Bag

Carefully empty the mixture into the piping bag and twist it close. Make sure the piping bag is all smoothened out.


Heat oil in a deep frying kadaii and cut the end of the piping bag.


Twist your hand as you pipe it out and use a scissors to end your fries if you have any trouble. Let them cook to a beautiful shade of brown on both sides and then drain it out.


And that’s it. The quickest way to get a plate of fries that look like a lot hard work.

The ultimate winner for a lazy cook.

It’s definitely going to be a hit on the table with both the annoying  picky eating youngsters or the loving warm grand parents or the choosy aunties. It’s a stand alone dish that you can serve with some classic tomato sauce or plain old mayo.


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