Brownie In A Mug – Midnight Snacks (Eggless)

Want a recipe for the world’s fudgiest brownie that you can eat while binge watching Game of Thrones at three a.m? Welcome to the club. We encourage unhealthy habits like these.

When I came across mug recipes, I was so thrilled unlike my mother. She didn’t really believe you could recreate heavy recipes with a stupid microwave. Turns out you really can.

It’s the perfect dessert for rom coms or late night dates with books or mid day period cravings. Now, you don’t need to bake a whole damn tin for your craving and dirty tons of dishes or worse, refuse to satisfy that craving!


This is so divenly perfect, I can’t even begin. It’s quick; two minutes prep and then two minutes cooking and in under five minutes you have your own hot fudge brownie to nibble. And it’s super easy. You just have to mix things in a small mug!


I’d choose brownie in a mug over anyone anyday and that’s the chocolately truth of my life.

And the best of all, it tastes better than the oven ones.


And the texture is so rich and fluffy and chocolatey, it’s impossible to believe I did it in my crappy non OTG microwave.


  • All purpouse flour:  3 tablespoon
  • Cocoa Powder : 3 tablespoon
  • Sugar : 4 tablespoon
  • Salt: A tiny pinch
  • Flavourless oil: 3 tablespoon
  • Water: 4 tablespoon
  • Baking powder: 1/2 teaspoon
  • Vanilla essence: 1 teaspoon
  • Chip chocolates: 1 tablespoon

Step by step:


In a microwavable mug, add three tablespoon of flour.

Use a big enough mug because the brownie will rise.


Add in your cocoa powder.


Then the sugar and salt.

Make sure you grind it before or use icing sugar. Else your brownie will have rocky sugar popping up.

Mix your dry ingredients together with a fork.


Now, add your oil.


Then the water.  Mix it in the mug itself to have a dark, rich and smooth batter.


Add your baking powder.


I love the flavour of vanilla.That can be seen by the extra large size of the bottle. So I add vanilla essence in almost all of my desserts. You can skip it here if you want but I rather you not.Add chocolate chips and mix it up nicely.

Now, you have to see the kind of microwave you have. Mine is old normal one. I put my mug in and heated it up to one minute. You can do it at interval of thirty seconds.


You’ll know it’s done when it rises to twice it’s size and when you insert a toothpick, it will be so moist and fudgy.


I topped it with mini marshmallow but you can scoop some ice-cream on top or eat it like it is.

And there you go. I can assure you, you’ll come back crawling for more.

Comment when you craved this brownie the most and like you like the recipe and for more, follow!



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