Americana Omelette (Grand Breakfast Edition)

Lazy Sunday morning. One Egg. And a simple omelette away to being brunch goals.
It’s been a very long while- very long – 4 months to be exact since I treated myself to my famous gourmet breakfast edition and its back, with my favourite type of omelette of course.

I am an egg enthusiast. I love experimenting and eating omelette in new ways because honestly, egg is so much like me. If given a little attention, it can spoil you back so much. A trait fancy in eggs but not in humans. And Indo Americana omelette is the best way to start your egg journey.

You use basic omelette ingredients but instead of just old whipping it all together, you create beauty and taste so heavely, you never will go back.


It’s a rabbit hole and you have been warned.
It is a beautiful blend of evenly seasoned egg and rich spices of the vegetables. In each bite, you get the this rich heavy taste of all kinds of sautéed vegetables and fluffy egg binding it all together. You won’t even know when it disappeares from your plate. I swear.

If this plate is not art, I don’t know what is.
I remember the first time I made it, unsure and scowling, but I knew when I had my first bite, I wasn’t ever going to get enough of it. It was listed under Mexican omelettes but there was nothing Mexican about it. Nor the spices used and neither the taste. So I rewired and twerked it.
I would have liked to name it on my own name but that would seem too snobbish of me. As of now.
• Egg : 1
• Onion: 1 medium sized
• Tomato : 1 medium sized
• Capsicum: ¾ medium sized
• Mushroom: 2 medium sized (Optional)
• Black Olive: 1 (Optional)
• Tomato sauce : 1 tblspn
• Salt to taste
• Ginger Garlic Paste: 2 Tspn
• Pepper to taste
• Oregano : 2 tsp
• Chilli flakes: 2 tsp


Chop your vegetables finely. Basically, how you would do for a normal omelette.
Take a deep frying pan.

Make sure whatever pan you use has a round curved bottom.


Heat oil in it and add ginger garlic paste. You can even add chopped garlic but I felt too lazy to peel and chop. #stillateenager

Add your chopped onion and sauté till it is soft and pale.

Add your mushrooms in it. Make sure you sauté it till it leaves water and the water dries out. I love how creamy and warm the mushrooms taste, so I prefer cooking with it a lot.

Now, add your chopped tomatoes. Mix and sauté till it gets slightly mushy.

Add tomato ketchup so that you have a subtle sauce base.

Throw in your salt and pepper. Mix.

Add oregano and chilli flakes and mix and mix.

Now, when your vegetables is cooked, we will add capsicum.
I add capsicum in the very end to retain its popping green colour and also over cooked capsicum explains why shinchan hated it so much.

Toss the vegetables and then using the base of your spoon, make a circular base with it. Like in the photograph above. You don’t need to wait for the capsicum to cook.

Crack you egg on top of it. Make sure you get the yolk in the middle and let the white follow all around. You can beat your egg beforehand but I would insist it this way.

Now surround your egg yolk with your olives like planets revolving around the sun. #Artinmaking

Cover it and let it slow cook for three- to four minutes. You’ll know it is cooked when the transparent egg white becomes a beautiful white and when you poke the yolk slowly, it does not leak.
Very carefully, using your flat turning spoon, scoop the dish in your plate. I take two turns. First the egg part and then if any side vegetables left behind.


Sprinkle salt and pepper and some chilli flakes on top and Viola, there you have the most beautiful omelette on your plate.

I love eating it with garlic bread toasted two ways.

One slightly and very lightly toasted for the egg part and one toasted till the edge of burning for the yummy yolk. You can toast whatever kind of bread you like or be a total savage and eat it breadless. #ExperimentandTell
It’s a clear for sure winner. And such a royal way to start your Sundays.
If you agree the plate looks like art hit the like button, comment your kind of bread and of course, follow if you want more eggtastic recipes!



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