Easy Potato Pakodi /Fritters – Monsoon Special

I am not a very big fan of monsoons. I like the rain as a phenomenon as such, but not the annoying wetness that trails it like its evil shadow. Or the insects that come out from their hiding. Or the fact that I might have to sit with wet clothes on because I forgot an umbrella. But one thing, I particularly like about it is the food attached with it.

Hot spicy pakodi’s for instance.

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What you eat in Eid, stays in Eid.

Two days before Eid, and I am staring at the menu my mom made; wondering, hoping, praying that the moon doesn’t show it’s face yet.  And then the lady in the television smiles sinisterly, declaring how Saudi Arabia announced it’s Eid tomorrow and my mom’s face is tainted with the raw determination I am so familiar of and I know, deep in my heart, that my muscles are doomed.

Hundred guests. Seven dishes. One overly enthusiastic woman. One tired daughter. A grand table

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Creamy Coleslaw (Side Dish)

Coleslaw is the only form of salad that I eat fondly. It’s tastes so great paired with chicken, and it adds volume to the dish. It is like the chocolate in cake, you can eat normal cake too but why not chocolate?  It works great with burgers or really heavy fries even! I use it with my chicken burgers because it is such a creamy sauce, it adds the sauciness to a normal patty and bun.

I often eat a bowl of it with blue lays and honestly, one packet of lays surprisingly satisfies. You can put it between bread and make a sandwich out of it for school and just eat it like this if you feel like! It’s a freaking hybrid.

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Twisted Curly Fries

Does there exist a lower mortal who doesn’t love fries?  It’s simply potato fried to perfection. One of my best friends; the only thing she eats in a restaurant is fries and that my friends is the real devotion to this potato God.

Today, we are going to cook the strongest DemiGod of potatoes.

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Peach And Mango Sorbet

When you are an innocent kid, you may commit mistakes that seem so foolish once you get to know the harsh realities of this world. I once did something too. Something very bad. I still feel the excruciating guilt whenever I think about it.

I bought a very expensive tiny scoop of sorbet over a Grande latte of Starbucks one.

And today, as I ate the big scoop of homemade sorbet, I internally weep at its beauty and my naivety.

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Smoky Chicken Seekh Kebab

I am not a fan of seekh kebab specially, it’s shaped weird and it’s Indian but there is something about this one that I loved. Maybe it was the taste of the smoke infused chicken or how hassle free it was to make these, they were a hit on the table.

Now, I come from a family of meat lovers but you’ll soon see that my fascination with meat does not extend to mutton. So when my mom said make seekh kebab today, I was like no,uh huh, absolutely not.  But then I realised it could be made with chicken and honestly, chicken mince is so much prettier to look at.

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