Twisted Curly Fries

Does there exist a lower mortal who doesn’t love fries?  It’s simply potato fried to perfection. One of my best friends; the only thing she eats in a restaurant is fries and that my friends is the real devotion to this potato God.

Today, we are going to cook the strongest DemiGod of potatoes.

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Peach And Mango Sorbet

When you are an innocent kid, you may commit mistakes that seem so foolish once you get to know the harsh realities of this world. I once did something too. Something very bad. I still feel the excruciating guilt whenever I think about it.

I bought a very expensive tiny scoop of sorbet over a Grande latte of Starbucks one.

And today, as I ate the big scoop of homemade sorbet, I internally weep at its beauty and my naivety.

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Smoky Chicken Seekh Kebab

I am not a fan of seekh kebab specially, it’s shaped weird and it’s Indian but there is something about this one that I loved. Maybe it was the taste of the smoke infused chicken or how hassle free it was to make these, they were a hit on the table.

Now, I come from a family of meat lovers but you’ll soon see that my fascination with meat does not extend to mutton. So when my mom said make seekh kebab today, I was like no,uh huh, absolutely not.  But then I realised it could be made with chicken and honestly, chicken mince is so much prettier to look at.

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